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Home » News » Report on the first half of 2016 power adapter quality inspection report has come out, the pass rate of less than 80%!
Report on the first half of 2016 power adapter quality inspection report has come out, the pass rate of less than 80%!
Author:handler Time:2016-09-18 08-49-13


According to released report shows that the first half of the total quality inspection of the 672 11 companies produced a total of 672 batches of products, spot checks pass rate of 87.6%, compared with the same period last year increased by 8.3 percentage points.

Among them, the sample pass rate of desktop microcomputer products in more than 90%. But the status of quality checks for hand-held information processing equipment, power adapter and other products is not optimistic, the pass rate is below 90%, while the power adapter is a prominent problem, checks pass rate of only 77.2%, the main problem is the radiation harassment project failed.

AQSIQ said that the results of random checks will be announced to the public in batches, to find the problem of products and enterprises, will also be strictly handled according to law, while urging the production enterprise rectification.

The AC power adapter is converted to a fixed voltage, low voltage DC or low voltage AC output voltage of the external power supply, the common product name: power adapter, charger, power supply, mainly used for information technology equipment (such as tablet computer, digital camera etc.), audio and video equipment (such as speakers, flat-panel LCD TV), telecommunications terminal equipment (such as mobile phone, video phone, etc.) the power supply device.

With the increasing number of household electronic products, the application of power adapter is becoming more and more popular. Because the model is complicated, the price is low, in the electronic products of the original electronic adapter failure, many consumers will purchase models through the electronic business platform model of the same product. In Taobao, for example, the reporter found that the price of power adapter range from 2.98-398 yuan, the production of more than Zhejiang, Guangdong, Nanjing, Shanghai and other places. A Taobao merchant said, because the product is different, the original, the import is also different, so the price difference is relatively large. According to the feedback of consumers, consumers are mainly concerned about the heating speed, type and power supply of the power adapter.