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Diodes company launched the original edge switch to enhance the power efficiency[2016-09-20]
Diodes company launched AP3983 primary side power switch series, power supply designers to easily achieve high conversion efficiency, to meet the energy star 6 (Energy Star Level 6) and the external p
Recognize the 18W power adapter, break the lie of the high speed charger[2016-09-20]
         Now a lot of high-speed charger claimed that their equipment in a few minutes is to complete the power supply. So is this true? Indeed, but it should be known that we
Please pay attention to play the UAV, the battery is used to remember these six non - user[2016-09-19]
In recent years, the recent few years, the UAV aerial has been gradually into the public view, its non shooting angle, convenient operation, simple structure of conventional, won numerous image creati
Report on the first half of 2016 power adapter quality inspection report has come out, the pass rate of less than 80%![2016-09-18]
                       According to released report shows that the first half of the total quality inspection of the 672 11 companies produc
2016 power adapter manufacturers have to know the relevant trends[2016-09-14]
Power adapter, English name adapter Power, also called external power supply. Is a small portable electronic equipment and electronic equipment, power supply converter. The general is composed of a ca
Good news, Jin Xinyu power (Shenzhen) has a new site it![2016-09-10]
Dear customer:Hello!Jin Xinyu power (Shenzhen) limited liability company to start a new home on the Internet today, thank you for your support of our company, due to the need of our development, the or
Beijing license-plate lottery chaos frequent suspected experts say the need to increase the cost of[2016-09-07]
Beijing car Yao Hao ushered in the first one million army". This is the Beijing city to implement the purchase of passenger cars since 20 months, the number of wave number exceeded one million fo
State Grid Brazil holding company was rated the best electric power enterprises in Brazil[2016-09-07]
Brazil local time in August 23rd, the State Grid Brazil holding company was rated "2012 Brazil electric power industry best company", become "2012 Brazil annual company" candidate
Three oil companies reported financial data competition net decline in most Sinopec[2016-09-07]
Sinopec 26 evening semi annual report released in 2012, the first half net profit attributable to shareholders was 23 billion 700 million yuan, down 41.1%, equivalent to earn 130 million yuan; basic e
Ruzhou Henan hot springs town mayor Chen Jianping: targeting focus to promote economic development[2016-09-07]
Business news network news, recently reporter learned in the town of hot springs, hot springs town this year to develop the rural economy and the non-public economy and urban construction as the focus
The chairman was class Chinese heavy difficult rescue[2016-09-07]
For the heavy truck enterprises, in 2012 there is no miracle, only flaw.Recently, in charge of China heavy truck (000951.SZ, namely Chinese Chongqijituan Limited by Share Ltd hereinafter referred to a
Wen Jiabao: do everything possible to stabilize external demand to achieve steady growth target[2016-09-07]
August 24th to 25, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, Premier Wen Jiabao arrived in Guangdong Province, Guangzhou, Foshan, Dongguan and other places, the current economic t